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Video begins

Ruslana: Ruslana and Wild Dances! ^____^V

Announcer: There are still people who can be surprised by Rualsna’s Wild Dances. The winner of the Eurovision contest of 2004 won the hearts of Europe, holds tours in USA, and now Asia is astonished of her “Hey! Hey!”

Ruslana: I came there being truly a black sheep … (raises the hand) … as if from Mercury… or from Mars… and… the idea to invite me was in fact the whim of the festival organizers – they wanted Ruslana and her Wild Dances to be there (well…) in Seoul and that’s it! They wanted me to be on that festival. And-a… all were very surprised – mass media and auditorium were… because they were not expecting – they just had no idea who the heck Ruslana was? But on performing the three songs we managed to hit the stadium.

Announcer: Ruslana sang on the biggest Asian festival – the Asia Song Festival, which took place in Seoul. Even though the singer was invited on the festival as the special guest, she has brought two rewards: as the best singer of the Asia song festival and the reward for the contribution into the cultural relations between Ukraine and Asia in the music sphere. And as usually she has been a huge blast.

Ruslana: I threw the flowers to the fans – the hall was full of applauses! I kissed the Minister of Culture on the stage (surprised) – the hall was full of applauses too! They were just reacting on the smallest… the tiniest nuances…but the concert appeared to be a bit hard for me – I was rather nervous, surely…

Announcer: Also Ruslana has made new friends there – she got acquainted with a famous eastern singer… a sort of male-diva*.

Ruslana: He just raised his hand and said … something like… «hon-hon-hon-hon» (seems Ruslana and Japanese are too far away from each other XDDD) … and then he put his hand down … and all of them: “ahhhhhhh-wooowww!» (applauses), you know...and I came to him and right at that moment clapped on his shoulder and... “Hello!!! ^____^ I am from Ukraine! And you are from Japan! That’s my man!!! Let’s be friends"!!! ….and he is like... (shows as if imitating Gackt) “ah!!!!!! О_О»…now…you see…he was just in shock (giggles)…

Announcer: Now Ruslana is planning to record a duet with the most popular Korean band and to sing on the festival in Thailand. That’s why in the nearest future Ukraine would live peacefully and calm.

* male-diva – is a sort of male performer who attracts too much of the attention and considered to be a star but sometimes behaves as having star-sickness.

Главная » Our mass-media » English translation

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